Basement waterproofing

With the increased interest in building underground there has been a proliferation of new technologies from cavity drainage membranes and automated pumping systems to advanced cementitious slurries and waterproof concrete.

Each system has its own strengths and weaknesses. We will advise as to which one is correct for your particular situation.

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Basement waterproofing solutions

Membrane systems

Membrane systems are a relatively new technology but they offer great benefits – they work with natural water pressure and cannot fail through cracking. Membrane systems allow water to pass through masonry to a collection point to be safely pumped away from the building.


We’re trained and accredited by market-leader Delta. We work closely with their technical teams to find and fit the best membrane system for your project.

Tanking systems

Tanking systems, which use cement-based renders and slurries, were once the main method of waterproofing basement spaces. The problem with tanking systems, especially in retrofit scenarios, is failure through cracking. For some projects tanking systems are still the best solution available and in those cases they find use.

Waterproof concrete

Concrete is not naturally waterproof. In certain scenarios the use of waterproof concrete makes sense when forming a basement. We have established links with a leading industry supplier for the supply of waterproof concrete and are able to offer this as one of our services.