Basement Construction

We offer basement construction services in the Cambridge area from retrofitting existing properties and cellar conversions to creating basement spaces in new build properties.

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A retrofit basement is an excellent way to add space to your property and in most cases it’s possible to remain in your home while work is carried out. It is more expensive than extending the house above ground – but if that cannot be done then a basement may be the answer.

Retrofitting extends foundations downwards, creating a new floor at a lower level. Staircases are constructed for access, waterproofing keeps the space dry and insulation keeps it warm. There are no practical restrictions to how the space is fitted out or used.

New Build

Installing a basement when building a new property is standard practice in Europe and the US. The UK has lagged behind, although increasingly we are approached by clients and developers wanting to construct basements for new builds.

Installing a basement offers properties a great deal more space for very little environmental impact in sensitive areas. Constructing a basement for a new build is also a lot less expensive than retrofitting a basement after a property has been built.